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Thank You for Helping Xynergy Realty Change People’s Lives

Thank You for Helping Xynergy Realty Change People’s Lives

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.”

  — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa


A report done by the Australian Council of Social Services in 2018 showed that over 3 million (13.2%) people in Australia are living below the poverty line of 50% median income, and 739,000 (17.3%) of them are children. More than one in six children and one in eight adults are living in poverty. 


Many people are cynical that we will be able to get rid of poverty, but does that mean that we have to stop trying? According to Homeless Hub, some of the reason why poverty exists includes a limited capacity of the government, limited access to clean water and food, little to no access to jobs, and also poor education. The causes and effects of poverty hardly ever occur alone, as they are often interrelated. For instance, poor education leads to scarce job opportunities; with low income, they are bound to have limited lifestyle choices, and consequently, they will be more prone to disease and lack of education.


Poverty is a growing predicament not only in Australia but also in other countries like India, Nepal, and the Philippines. According to SOS Children’s Villages, India is considered one of the poorest countries in the world as two-thirds of its people live in poverty. Furthermore, women and children are two demographics that suffers most. Unlike poverty-stricken countries like Nepal and India, in Australia, the government have a policy in place for those in need. For instance, the Victorian government school is willing to help those who are facing severe financial difficulty, critical health issues, or any other harsh conditions. However, even with the support from the Victorian government, there are bound to be a portion of people who may not be entitled to those benefits, and we definitely can’t leave out those who still need OUR support…


Education holds a prominent role in human, social, and economic development. Not only will it increases your chance for a promising and secure future, but knowledge will also allow you to turn your dream into a reality. Xynergy Realty strongly believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, everyone deserves a proper education. Xynergy Realty has decided that it’s time to do our part and help the children of the world, by giving a portion of our income to the N Foundation. N Foundation is a Christ-centred non-for-profit charity organization that provides support to disadvantaged young people and empower them to achieve their aspirations in life through the power of education. N Foundation provides scholarships, mentoring programs, training, and all kinds of the workshop through its wide range of networks and programs in various countries. 


Stated by SMCPC, only 3% of able students from the more impoverished background can go to an elite university. Overall, the report found that disadvantaged children are less likely to be a high-flier in life. At Xynergy Realty, even if we operate in the real estate industry, we strive to be one of the significant providers to those in need, to make every single disadvantaged child have the opportunity to have a better life.


On behalf of Xynergy Realty, we would like to extend a HUGE thank you for every single client of Xynergy Realty because every single one of you was the one who made a change in every single person in N Foundation. 


“We believe that you N I can make a difference.”

  — N Foundation


Featured photo by: Artem Beliaikin,


Jeffrey Koby

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