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5 Simple Tips on How to Grow Your Business

5 Simple Tips on How to Grow Your Business

How do businesses actually grow? The concept is simple, but actually achieving it is a different story.

Try these five tips to help you attract more clients and sustain the ones you have!

1. Know your business inside and out

It’s easy to set up a business these days, anyone could do it. However, to be an expert in your business is a different story. It is paramount to position your business as the solution to a problem the consumer is having. Thus, it would be best if you had an in-depth knowledge of your industry and keep yourself updated to the current market. By knowing every aspect of your business, you will be able to have more understanding as well who would be attracted to the solution you are offering, hence discovering your ideal customers.

2. Customer engagement

The main objective of your customer engagement strategy is to make the experience more than just the sales journey. Motivate customers to involve themselves in the growth of your brand; make them feel heard and feel connected to your business. It’s all about customer retention. If you give them a rewarding experience, they will do the marketing for your behalf and deliver a positive word of mouth to their friends and family.

3. Strong Systems in Place and Solid Foundation

When your systems function seamlessly, it makes the experience more enjoyable for your customers. Examples of ways to improve are, design a good website, include visually appealing images, offer a customer review platform, and make it easy to contact customer service. Ensure that the customer journey is as easy as possible, where it’s possible for the prospective customer to easily follow the steps they need to become your customers.

4. Communicate and listen

Customer service is the heart of any business. A healthy relationship needs open line communication; this too applies to your business. Listen to your customers and be authentic! Most businesses are so focused on the solution they can offer, they tend to forget to ask if it’s actually what the customers want. Customer feedback is really important and is essential to take into consideration and apply it to the solution you are offering.

“Whether it’s the ability to live-track a delivery, or being able to speak to someone on live chat, letting your customers know that you’re listening is key to earning their trust,” quoted from Mitchell Taylor co-founder of Koala Mattress.

5. Tell your story

Numerous retail bombards their website with price and product that nothing stands out. Content is king, so try to include interesting articles, facts, or a ‘get to know us’ page to build their interest in your brand. People are more interested in your story than you think, try to make it as interesting as possible, because there is bound to be a particular niche that likes your story and services. It’s not about showing off, it’s about sharing your story, milestones and the journey you had with your brand.

In conclusion, these are some guidelines that you can think of and evaluate where you are at with these aspects in your own business. Through reflecting and evaluating, you will be one step closer to growing your business in the right direction.


Published by Xynergy Commercial, 2019 – Commercial Real Estate Specialist in Melbourne


Jeffrey Koby

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